Art folio 2021. I am very honoured with the silver award for the category Contemporary Painting

I am honoured and thrilled that Sun (Dream Builder) is artwork of the month!
Borrow Original Art Trough The Graphothek in Berlin.
The Graphothek in Berlin is the oldest and biggest Graphothek in Germany, giving the possibility to borrow original Art to its public.
They have up to 6000 original artworks. The quality is high and the Graphothek is open to its public.
I am delighted my work SUN (DREAM BUILDER) is artwork of the month.
Graphothek Berlin - Bild des Monats
CARITA SCHMIDT, SUN (DREAM BUILDER), 2017, mixed media, 93 cm x 63 cm
Graphothek Berlin – Borrow Art
Stadtteilbibliothek, Fontane-Haus | Königshorster Str. 6 | 13439 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 90 294-3860 | E-Mail:

Congratulations to the 2021 Art Folio artists!

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I am thrilled to be among the featured artists for the upcoming edition of Artfolio 2021! 

This is a jury selected and curated collection of very exciting international artists.

Art Folio is a publication of the best in abstract and contemporary work as decided on by a jury of professionals artists,

museum curators, gallery owners, art consultants and collectors.

"Walking in Yellow", 2020, 65 x 200 cm, ink, acrylic and gold leaf on fine art paper. Right now on view at d I a I c concepts as an online exhibition from July 23rd until September 24rd 2020. An Overwhelming Experience: The Human - Earth Relationship

Happy and honoured to be featured artist in Curatorial Volume2, Leaders in Contemporary art, released in May 2020 

Drawings from the series Territorium, 2017, mixed media on paper. Exhibition "Bestimmte und freie Automatismen in der aktuellen Kunst".

Exhibited from 18 - 31rd of January, 2020, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin. The exhibition was curated by Artist and Curator Andreas Helfer.