Golden Labyrinth, 2020, 90 x 64,5 cm, ink, acrylic, oil colour and gold metal on fine at paper 265g Hahnemühle, stretched on canvas and stretcher.

Welcome to view Golden Labyrinth at the current virtual exhibition "A lot can happen in a year" through d I a I c concepts, Miami, USA. Price: $3500

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Golden Labyrinth is a reflection of a view and a situation we right now share and experience globally. A space that do not reveal clear sight, trays, gates, ways to move on. We are asked to listen, feel and visualise how to navigate through time and conditions, cooperating with the Universe, discovering the much larger part of our inner self, our voice and truth. 


My insights on cultural and natural landscapes have been shaped by my time living and working in Helsinki, Stockholm, Kavala, Athens, and now Berlin, were I currently reside.


The diversity of structures, merging lines and different light qualities, defines my work. I have developed  a mark-making technique, playing with gestures as a way to express movement beyond borders.


In my work, I define a kinetic aspect with drawing and painting through lines, form and colour towards motion or movement in abstract compositions. Renegotiating the notion of borders, as a way to communicate between different areas and nations.


I am interested in a movement that does not stop or allow itself to be limited. 

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Carita Schmidt is a represented artist by d | a | c concepts, Miami, USA

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