Carita Schmidt

"WALKING IN YELLOW" by Carita Schmidt was represented at the exhibition "SEEING ABSTRACTIONS" at Galeria Azur Madrid in May and June 2022. Find the artwork of Carita Schmidt as well as well on Artsper and Artsy. See link at the bottom of the page. 

Walking in Yellow I, Diptych with Artwork I and II, 2020, 65 x 100 cm, acrylic, ink gold leaf on fine art card board, with frame about 75 x 110 cm 

The artwork is beautifully framed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Available

Walking in Yellow II, Diptych with Artwork III and IV, 2020, 65 x 100 cm, acrylic, ink, gold leaf on fine art card board, with white frame 75 x 110 cm,       The artwork is beautifully framed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Available 



Minimalistic, modern, with bold, free and generous brushstrokes of ink, acrylic and with gold leafs evoking the feeling of a summer walk in a bright yellow landscape with much space. Each diptych consists of two artworks. Each artwork is beautifully hand signed from the back, framed with a window at the backside to show the signature. The work is very nice framed with a little distance to the artwork. For secure shipping no glass but delivered with a protective shield at the frontside. The frame is created by the well known frame maker Lars Gerecke in Berlin. It is possible to add a glas. In this case I suggest the quality of museums glas. 

 CARITA SCHMIDT, Finnish-German Artist, born in Germany, living and working in Berlin since 2012.

Having worked with the human body in large scale using charcoal drawings for many years, Carita Schmidt turned towards abstract landscapes in 2015. In her landscapes, people are not visually present. Rather, they are indirectly referenced by the routes, paths, steps and marks they left behind.


Carita Schmidt has developed a way of expressing herself linked to a primal form of drawing. She discovered her mark-making technique over the years by working in different European countries. Her technique involves conscious interaction with the artwork as the counter part, including trusting the intuitional and natural flow of her hands. Having experienced and lived in the East (former East-Germany), the North (Finland, Sweden), the West ( former West-Germany), the South (Greece) this process might relate to experiences in her own life.


Carita Schmidt hat eine Ausdrucksweise entwickelt, die mit einer ursprünglichen Form der Zeichnung verbunden ist. Sie entdeckte ihre Technik des Zeichnens im Laufe der Jahre, als sie in verschiedenen europäischen Ländern lebte und arbeitete. Ihre Technik beinhaltet eine bewusste Interaktion mit dem Kunstwerk als Gegenstück, einschließlich des Vertrauens in den intuitiven und natürlichen Fluss ihrer Hände. Da sie im Osten (ehemaliges Ostdeutschland), im Norden (Finnland, Schweden), im Westen (ehemaliges Westdeutschland) und im Süden (Griechenland) gelebt hat, kann sich dieser Prozess auf Erfahrungen in ihrem eigenen Leben beziehen.

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Carita Schmidt is a represented artist by Galeria Azur Berlin and Galeria Azur Madrid



and a represented artist on Saatchi Art online: